JavaScript Samples for PTV xServer

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Use PTV xServer with your favourite map widgets

The xMapServer tile api lets you add an xServer map to virtually every existing map widget. Templates for the most common widgets show how to initialize them for optimal performance on both cloud and on-premise. Read here for more.



Mapbox GL JS



leaflet-xserver is an extension for Leaflet to display extended Map content. Specific layer classes let you add styleable and clickable Feature-Layers. leaflet-xserver is available as npm package and via unpkg cdn.

Premium code samples

Take one of our pre-fabricated reference implementations to jump-start your application.


Build an interactive route planner with xMap-, xRoute- and xLocate-server. Read here for more.

POI Locator

Display and search your locations with PTV xServer. Read here for more.

Administrative Regions

Add new data and functions to the map. Read here for more.